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Get in control of your life with coach Thomas Bagge!

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Mikaela Lauren

WBC female super-welterweight champion

Thomas Bagge's coaching has made a remarkable difference in my life both on and off the boxing ring. I've taken my boxing—and my life—to a whole new level!

Andre Bagein


Thomas is not only a tremendously knowledgeable coach who listens and takes you seriously, but he also has an absolutely amazing ability to never give up on you and always leaves you with the feeling of positivity and strength.

I have had the pleasure of sharing his knowledge and guidance during several difficult and heavy moments during my own development and it has always been found that if there is a solution then we have found it.


I can wholeheartedly recommend taking part in Thomas's immense drive and commitment.

David von Sydow

When I first got in contact with Thomas I quickly learned that he is a passionate man always looking for ways to develop as a person.


Thomas is easy to talk to and have been a good support for me through bad and good times. With his experiences in life he knows that life is not always easy, but with the right mindset you can make it great. That itself is inspiring to me and proof that you can also do it.

Marcus Berneström


He is Insightful, emphatic, warm.

Three things stand out about Thomas and the coaching he has given me; insightful, emphatic and warm he is. Few men have the courage the speak in the manner he does - very loving and transparent. He also knows that some times a hug is worth much more than words. The combination is very powerful.

Ulf Lundagårds

Corporate owner


The outcome of working with Bagge has been extraordinary. He guided me through a very difficult time, followed up constantly to make sure I reach the goals and targets that have been defined. If you are confused and need someone to speak to I would highly recommend Thomas and you will see the difference it makes instantly.   

Ulrika Ekenberg



I’ll be totally honest ... Thomas is a warm-hearted man. I cannot say anything else. He cares a lot about the people around him. Friends and clients. He wants everyone to grow as a person and he gives 100% support if you are open for it. As a couch and PT it’s the same. He gives everything so you to achieve your goals! I know he did it with me. We have had many conversations and he made my body strong. It was fun and hard. Thomas has the skill to perform your body to a great athlete, and he has the tools to give you peace in mind. I thank you, Thomas and I wish you everything good in life

Annette Gröndahl



Thomas är för mig en kille med många goda sidor 

han är kunnig och förstående när det kommer till att finnas där

och viljan att hjälpa har alltid funnits hos honom

Han är påläst om olika beteenden och kan förtså vad och hur man kan göra

för att ändra sina mönster och utvecklas- 

känslan av att bli lite bättre varje dag :)

Att kunna se saker som kan göra just ditt liv lite bättre 

det är en gåva som han har

Per Malmberg



The way Thomas coaches isn't solely by the book in the sense that he doesn't just apply his knowledge and force you into a special way of
thinking or push you towards a certain decision or goal. He's extremely good at narrowing down problems and guiding me towards MY needs and goals, not just the goals he might have had set for himself in the same situation. I have not always followed his advice to the fullest extent, but it has always kept with me as guidance.
On top of all of this, he's also eager to answer any questions or thoughts I have and whether it's positive or negative he always puts me in a better mood afterward. He has helped me not only on a career level but also on a personal level where I now more often catch myself considering more
perspectives and I'm more aware of how the different ones affect me and which ones pull me closer to my goals and which ones don't

Leif Bagge

Buildin Engineer/
Kyudo expert


I have known Thomas for many years and I have learned a lot from him. His knowledge about the human mind and body is outstanding due to his vast experience in martial arts and his studies in psychology! He has had answers to all my questions and has given me valuable tips about important issues that I really haven’t understood to ask about! I full-heartedly recommend him as a personal trainer for everyone. He will definitely help you!

Arthur Silén

Sales in TV


Thomas came into my life during a time when I didn't really know what direction I wanted to take in life. What my next step would be. He guided and supported me with coaching and rewarding conversations that finally gave me the courage to actively re-enter the market place.