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Fight for what you want!

Fight for it. If you wake up thinking about it, and by the time you lay down to sleep the thoughts haven't stopped only intensified, then please fight for it. There's a reason you can't let go, a reason you can't accept the tiny town forever, can't accept defeat without giving 110% first, but it's not because you're stubborn. It's because you have something special.

You have the ability, the intuition, all that you need to see the absolute best in everything, everyone. You've spent your life determining what situations deserve your time and efforts and which ones don't. You know which people are worth your time and which ones you should move on from. You've spent your life protecting yourself and being cautious. So, when you come to a crossroad and for the life of you you cannot decide what to do, choose the path which will make you the happiest, not the people around you. this is your life and you're the one who has to live it.

You have to trust yourself. If you see something in him that no one else does, then love him regardless of the situation. Never give him a reason to doubt you even if he's given you twenty. Be there for him, listen, and never stop believing in him, in his potential, in his dreams. Don't be naive but be the type of person you want for yourself, independent and compassionate.