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One on one coaching

Will help you raise your game, unravel a problem, execute a new task, master a new skill or find direction, purpose and ultimately balance in your work and life.Here’s some examples of challenges I’ve helped my clients overcome: They’re stuck in a rut. This happens to everyone, no matter how successful. You might not have achieved any of your dreams. You might be outwardly extremely successful but reached an impasse. The great news here is while it might not seem like this – with the right support it’s pretty simple to break out of a rut.

They want to change career. This can be in both directions. Into a career in music or out of one. Career change is one of the most unsettling prospects for anyone, especially if you’ve been doing what you’re doing now for a long time. Aside from my clients, I have recently been through this transition myself. And I used the tools, techniques and ways of thinking I will give you to turn what was a frightening unknown into an exciting opportunity.

They don’t have enough time. You have two options when you think you have too little time. You can either try to find more time (which is finite). Or you can find ways of doing more in less time (which is infinite). The first of these is the traditional “time management” approach. But I use the second – “self management”. There is always “enough” time to do what is important to you. I will help you with skills to do more of what counts in less time.

They feel fear or don’t feel confidence. What’s frustrating about this subject is fear leads to more people giving up on their hopes, dreamsand ambitions than any other challenge. But what’s great about this subject is it’s pretty simple to nail – as long as you have the right mental skills.

They want to optimize their creative process. I have a personal interest (in fact it’s something of an obsession) with the phenomenon of flow. I’m sure you’ve experienced it, although you might call it the zone, inspiration, or maybe even the muse. When you are in flow you do your best work, you do it many times faster, you love doing it and you’re so immersed that you don’t notice the passage of time. I will work with you on what you are going to do rather than the reasons you are where you are. This might mean coaching is not right for you. The results of coaching are not guaranteed. All the results my clients have experienced are because they have taken action. When you’re my client you’ll find it easier to take action,


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