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Couple's Guidance

Surveys around the world find that meaningful relationships are the most important factor in what makes us happy. Yet, too often with life partners, friends, and family members, the struggles of communication and conflict can seem unbearable and intractable, destructive more than life-affirming. It is a sad paradox that we are given so little (if any)
trainingin perhaps the most important aspect of life.

The focus of my relationship guidance is to empower people to create and sustain the most fulfilling, supportive and emotionally healthy connections as possible. I draw from a toolbox of practical exercises and processes based on a couple's specific needs.

Here are some of the most valuable ways I’ve helped guide relationships:

- Using proven strategies to overcome the gridlock of both short-term and longstanding issues.
- Learning and practicing the most powerful and effective tools for communication and conflict resolution.
- Moving through deep forgiveness to clear past hurts.
- Identifying the critical elements needed for a thriving relationship.
- Exploring how each person’s strengths can assist both parties.
- Exploring how each person’s growing edges can be held in love, not contempt, and given space & support for growth.
- Discovering how differences in personalities can be honored and used as benefits.
- Re-kindling romance for couples by affirming each other’s gifts and nurturing mutual fondness.
- Healing blocks and misunderstandings that impede sexual vitality.
- Creating a deep sense of shared
meaningandjoint vision for life.
- When appropriate and requested, consciously incorporating the assistance of the spiritual realm.

I personally know the joys and challenges of relationships: as the supervisor of 20-100of employees, creator of several intentional communities, and in living and working. Through countless hours of processing and learning, I’ve grown into much more intentional and authentic ways of relating...and helped many others do the same.

To augment my own experiential learning, I've spent hundreds of hours
withpowerfultrainings on relationship work, including systems such as the Gottman Method, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and Imago Therapy. If you are having issues with an important relationship in your life, contact me for work via video call, or in person. Together we can transform negative dynamics and make your relationship as loving and uplifting as possible.


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